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The Geography 12th Semester 2 exam paper 2020-2021 is an extremely useful document, consisting of 3 review questions at the end of the 2nd semester of Geography.

The Geography semester 2 review outline is compiled closely to the Geography curriculum, which will help students easily review and consolidate knowledge to prepare for the final exam of the 2nd semester with good results. best. . At the same time, it helps teachers to refer to exam questions for students.

Grade 12 Geography exam questions for the 2nd semester of the year 2020-2021

Question 1: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlas on page 21, tell us the proportion of State, non-State and foreign-invested components in the structure of industrial production value (2007) in the country. we are respectively:

A. 20.0% – 44.6%-35.4%

B. 20.0% -35.4% – 44.6%

C. 35.4% – 44.6%-20.0%

D. 35.4% -20.0% – 44.6%

Question 2: The annual natural disaster that has the biggest and most direct impact on the activities of the fisheries industry in our country is


B. flood.

C. strong cold, harmful cold.

D. storm.

Question 3: Based on the following data table, determine the consistency chart.


Unit: %

Year food crops kinds of bean Industrial plants Fruit trees other tree
1990 67.1 7.0 13.5 10.1 2.3
2005 59.2 8.3 23.7 7.3 1.5

To show the value structure of the crop industry, which chart is most suitable?

A. Compound column chart

B. Pie chart.

C. Line chart.

D. Domain Map.

Question 4: Given the data table:


Branch Agriculture, Forestry and fishery Industry and construction Service
GDP (billion VND) 3,937.856 6,969.690 1,537,197

In GDP structure, the proportion of each economic sector mentioned above is

A.39.1% ; 17.7% and 33.2%.

B. 33.2% ; 39.1% and 17.7%.

C.17.7% ; 33.2% and 39.1%.

D.33.2%; 17.7% and 39.1%.

Question 5: Based on Vietnam Geographical Atlas on page 21, indicate that 2 thermal power plants have a capacity of over 1000MW

A. Phai, Uong Bi

B. Phai, Phu My

C. Phu My, Ba Ria

D. Pha Lai, Na Duong

Question 6: Our country’s tourism industry has really developed rapidly since the early 90s until now

A. development of tourist spots and areas.

B. Innovation policy of the State.

C. planning tourist areas.

D. Our country is rich in tourism potential.

Question 7: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlas on page 18, it shows that the share of agriculture in the structure of agro-forestry-fishery production value by industry from 2000 to 2007 tends to increase.

A. down 9%.

B. increased 19%.

C. increased by 9%.

D. down 19%.

Question 8: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlas on page 21, tell us that the main specialized industries of Thai Nguyen industrial center are:

A. processing industry, production of building materials.

B. metallurgical industry, mechanical engineering, production of building materials

C. chemical production, paper, building materials.

D. mechanical industry, coal mining, production of building materials.

Question 9: At KVI, there was a structural shift towards

A. reduce the proportion of the fisheries sector, increase the proportion of the agricultural sector.

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B. reduce the proportion of agriculture, increase the proportion of fishery.

C. increase the share of agriculture and fishery.

D. reduce the share of agriculture and fishery.

Question 10: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlas on page 25, tell which of the following tourist centers have regional significance in the Northern Midlands and Mountains.

A. Hoa Binh, Phu Tho.

B. Lao Cai, Ha Giang.

C. Lang Son, Ha Long.

D. Thai Nguyen, Quang Ninh.

Question 11: The economic sector with foreign investment will grow rapidly in the coming time due to the impact of Vietnam’s accession.


B. WTO .



Question 12: The economic sectors that play a leading role in the national economy in our country are:

A. individual economy.

B. collective economy.

C. state economy.

D. foreign-invested economy.

Question 13: Based on Vietnam’s geography on page 18, in 2007, the share of agriculture in the structure of agricultural, forestry and fishery production value by industry is

A. 70%.

B. 75%.


D. 60%.

Question 14: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlas on page 25, how many times did the revenue of the tourism industry increase in the period 1995 – 2007?

A. 7.0 times.

B. 6.0 times.

C. 4.0 times.

D. 5.0 times.

Question 15: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlas (page 17), identify the coastal economic zones of the Mekong Delta?

A. Dinh An, Nam Can, Phu Quoc.

B. Dinh An, Ben Tre, Nam Can.

C. Dinh An, Nam Can, Kien Giang.

D. Ca Mau, Kien Giang, Phu Quoc.

Question 16: Among the following national parks, which national parks still preserve plant genetic resources of the North and the South?

A. Cuc Phuong

B. Bach Ma

C. Nam Cat Tien

D. Ba Be

Question 17: How much does the region account for the total industrial production value of the country?

A. Red River Delta..

B. Southeast.

C. Mekong Delta

D. Northern Midlands and Mountains.

Question 18: Given the data table:


Year rail Road river way sea ​​way
1995 100.0 100.0 100.0 100.0
2000 138.6 158.5 152.4 212.8
2010 174.1 643.6 383.0 843.0
2014 159.0 900.9 506.2 806.1

Which of the following statements is not true about the growth rate of the volume of transported goods by transport sector in our country in the period 1995 – 2014?

A. Railways have the lowest growth rate.

B. Road has the highest growth rate.

C. Rivers have the lowest growth rate.

D. The growth rates of the four transport sectors have increased over the years.

Question 19: The biggest meaning of the policy to encourage multi-sector economic development is:

A. increased foreign investment.

B. contribute to the restructuring of industries and territories.

C. Growth in GDP structure.

D. production expansion.

Question 20: The meaningful way to promote the socio-economic development of the western strip of our country is

A. Ho Chi Minh Street.

B. National Highway 7.

C. National Highway 9.

D. National Highway 1.

Question 21: Which of the following is not a key industry?

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A. Having strength in the future

B. Strong impact on the development of many other industries

C. The proportion of each industry in the industry system

D. Bring high economic efficiency

Question 22: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlat Page 19, the structure of annual and perennial industrial crops in the total area of ​​industrial crops is:

A. 31.7%, 68.3%.

B. 31.5%, 68.5. %.

C.31.6%, 68.4%

D. 31.8%, 68.2%.

Question 23: The North has an important fishing ground

A. Hai Phong – Ha Long.

B. Cat Ba – Ha Long.

C. Hai Phong – Quang Ninh.

D. Quang Ninh – Cat Ba.

Question 24: Which of the following natural conditions does the Mekong Delta have for developing freshwater aquaculture?

A. has many bays and lagoons.

B. There is a dense network of rivers and canals.

C. There is a large area of ​​mangrove forest.

D. has many islands with coral reefs.

Question 25: Difficulties of climate for tourism activities in our country are

A. varied climate.

B. natural disasters (hurricane, flood, flood…) and seasonal variation.

C. the difference between the northern and southern climates.

D. humid tropical climate.

Question 26: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlas on page 24, which of the following countries has the export value of goods to our country over 6 billion USD?

A. Russia.

B. Germany.

C. United States.

D. China.

Question 27: In order to increase fishery production and protect coastal aquatic resources, our country needs to

A. strengthen and modernize facilities, step up processing.

B. find new fishing grounds.

C. increase fishing, promote farming and processing.

D. limit fishing, increase farming and processing.

Question 28: The basis for promoting agricultural diversification is:

A. ensure food security.

B. ensure intensive farming in production.

C. make sure to use new varieties.

D. ensure the application of science and technology to production.

Question 29: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlas on page 25, what border gates are there along the Vietnam-Laos border, from the North to the South?

A. Cau Treo, Le Thanh, Lao Bao, Bo Y.

B. Lao Bao, Cau Treo, Tay Trang, Bo Y.

C. Tay Trang, Cau Treo, Lao Bao, Bo Y.

D. Bo Y, Lao Bao, Cau Treo, Tay Trang.

Question 30: Given a table of data: PRODUCTS OF SOME INDUSTRY

Product 1995 2000 2005 2010 2012
Clean coal (thousand tons) 8350.0 11609.0 34093 44835 42383
Crude oil extraction (thousand tons) 7620.0 16291.0 18519 15014 16739
Power production (million kwh) 14665.0 26683 52078 91722 114841

(Source: Statistical Yearbook, Statistical Publishing House 2014)

To show the consistency of the growth rate of clean coal, crude oil and electricity products in our country in the period 1995-2012, which of the following graphs is the most consistent?

A. Column chart

B. Line chart

C. Domain Map

D. Pie chart

Question 31: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlas on page 20, which two provinces have the highest forestry production value (2007) in our country?

A. Nghe An, Thanh Hoa.

B. Quang Binh, Quang Tri.

C. Thanh Hoa, Quang Binh.

D. Nghe An, Lang Son.

Question 32: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlas (page 20), how many times did aquaculture production in our country increase in the period 2000-2007?

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A. 3.6 times.

B. 0.6 times.

C. 1.6 times.

D. 2.6 times.

Question 33: Based on the Vietnam Geographical Atlas on page 23, which province of our country is Bo Y border gate located?

A. Dak Lak

B. Dak Nong.

C. Gia Lai.

D. Kon Tum.

Question 34: River transport is mainly concentrated on which river system?

A. Mekong River – Dong Nai River.

B. Thai Binh River – Da River.

C. Mekong River – Xe Xan.

D. Red River – Da River.

Question 35: In agricultural production in our country, the proportion of livestock industry tends to increase gradually because

A. better guaranteed feed facility.

B. promote crop production development.

C. The market is expanding.

D. bring high profits.

Question 36: Given the data table: Import and export situation of our country in the period 2005-2014. (billion USD)

Year 2005 2007 2010 2012 2014
Export 32 49 72 115 150
Import 37 62 85 114 148

Which of the following statements is not true about the import-export situation of our country in the period 2005-2014?

In river transport, the area with the most important freight and passenger transport routes is?

A. Import value increased continuously.

B. In 2012 and 2014, there was a trade surplus, the remaining years had a trade deficit.

C. The structure of import and export value increased continuously.

D. export value increased continuously.

Question 37: In Region II, the industry is tending to shift production structure and diversify products to

A. In line with market requirements, increasing investment efficiency.

B. Increase investment efficiency, do not pollute the environment.

C. pollute the environment.

D. does not pollute the environment, reducing investment efficiency.

Question 38: Rubber is grown the most in the Southeast because

A. has a sub-equatorial climate

B. has an abundant water source.

C. has degraded gray soil on ancient alluvium and basalt soil.

D. natural correction always.

Question 39: The Central Highlands and the Northwest are regions with a very low level of industrial concentration, mainly due to

A. Resource poverty

B. Weak infrastructure

C. The economy is not open yet

D. Many natural disasters

Question 40: In river transport, which are the most important specialized transport routes in the area?

A. North Central Coast.

B. Red River Delta.

C. Southeast.

D. Mekong Delta.


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