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  • 2022 Antihack midyear review


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    2022 Antihack midyear review

  • 2021 Antihack annual review


    2021 Antihack annual review

  • Matchmaking Strategy Adjustment


    Matchmaking Strategy Adjustment


  • Anti-Hack Comic - Episode 08

    02/12/2022 Support

    Anti-Hack Comic - Episode 08

  • 2022 Progress update

    16/11/2022 Support

    2022 Progress update

  • [Policy] - Punishments for teaming with hackers

    29/08/2022 Support

    [Policy] - Punishments for teaming with hackers

  • [Policy] - Temporary Ban Notice

    29/08/2022 Support

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    [Policy] - Temporary Ban Notice

  • [Policy] - Report System Introduction

    29/08/2022 Support

    [Policy] - Report System Introduction

  • [Policy] - Permanent Ban Notice

    29/08/2022 Support

    [Policy] - Permanent Ban Notice


How tự we define “cheating""?

Using any unauthorized third-party program that is not released by Garena, modifying the game client, and/or playing in a modified game client to tướng use functions that are non-existent in the official game.

What is the definition of third-party software/APKs/etc. for Garena Free Fire?

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I have identified cheaters/new scripts in Free Fire. How tự I report them?

How does Free Fire punish cheaters?

Found a security issue? Check out our bounty program.