the first question we might ask is

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to lớn indicate the correct word for each of the blanks 1 to lớn 10.

The first question we might ask is: What can you learn in college that will help you in being an employee? The school teach a (1) ____ many things of value to lớn the future accountant, doctor or electrician. Do they also teach anything of value to lớn the future employee? Yes, they teach the one thing that it is perhaps most valuable for the future employee to lớn know. But very few students bother (2) _____ it. This basic is the skill ability to lớn organize and express ideas in writing and in speaking. This means that your success as an employee will depend on your ability to lớn communicate with people and to lớn (3) _____ your own thoughts and ideas to lớn them sánh they will (4) _____ understand what you are driving at and be persuaded.

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Of course, skill in expression is not enough (5) ____ itself. You must have something to lớn say in the first place. The effectiveness of your job depends (6) ____ your ability to lớn make other people understand your work as they tự on the quality of the work itself. Expressing one’s thoughts is one skill that the school can (7) _____ teach. The foundations for skill in expression have to lớn be(8) ____ early: an interest in and an ear (9) ___ language; experience in organizing ideas and data, in brushing aside the irrelevant, and above all the habit of verbal expression. If you tự not lắc these foundations (10) ___ your school years, you may never have an opportunity again.

Câu 0. (1)

A. large

B. great

C. far

D. lost

Đáp án B

a great many things = many things. Cụm cố định

Câu 0. (2)

A. learning

B. to lớn learn

C. with learning

D. learn

Đáp án A

learning: cấu tạo not bother + V-ing: chẳng buồn thực hiện gì

Câu 0. (3)

A. interpret

B. give out

C. transfer

D. present

Đáp án D

present one’s thoughts: thể hiện tại chủ ý của người nào đó

Câu 0. (4)

A. both

B. not

C. as well

D. either

Đáp án A

Both: both understand what you are driving at and be persuaded: vừa vặn hiểu ý các bạn là gì vừa vặn cảm nhận thấy thuyết phục.

Đáp án C

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by itself: cụm kể từ thắt chặt và cố định by + one’s self

Câu 0. (6)

A. on most

B. most on

C. much on

D. on much

Đáp án C

depend much on: dựa vào nhiều vào

Câu 0. (7)

A. quite

B. hardly

C. truly

D. really

Đáp án D

Really: thiệt sự. Các đáp án sót lại không khớp nghĩa: quite: khá là, hardly: gần như là ko, mostly: hầu hết

Câu 0. (8)

A. lied

B. laid

C. lain

D. lay

Đáp án B

Be laid: the foundation has to lớn be laid early: chân móng cần được bịa đặt sớm

Đáp án C

have an ear for st= be good at st

Câu 0. (10)

A. during

B. of

C. for

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D. when

Đáp án A

During school years: trong mỗi năm học tập ở trường